TRANSFORMA introduces a new concept of insulated vehicles for the transportation of goods requiring a temperature regime. The new line is with innovative technical solutions and enhanced insulating characteristics which fully meet the European trends in the production of specialized equipment.

The insulated sandwich panels are made with a new vacuum bonding technology, with built-in reinforcing elements and an outer lining of white-glazed fiberglass. The panels are mounted without intervention on the base vehicle and allow easy and quick dismantling, if necessary, without damage to the vehicle.

The rear doors are completed with anatomic fiberglass panels with a high level of thermal insulation and maintainability. The hermetic sealing of the compartment is ensured by fiberglass modules following the shape of the rear frame by tightly fitting with the rear doors.

In addition, the special sealing mounted between them prevents from thermal bridges and ensures optimal temperature control. The presence of an anti-compression valve enables easy and convenient closing of the vehicle’s doors.

Due to the introduced technological improvements and the brand new design, the range of insulated vehicles is characterized by high reliability, modern and aesthetic appearance.

TRANSFORMA also represents on the Bulgarian market the Italian manufacturer Novaplast to complete the product range of isothermic vehicles with specialized equipment and ATP certification on the finalized product.