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TRANSFORMA is a Bulgarian company specialized in the production of different types of vehicle conversions on base vehicles ranging from light, light commercial vehicles to cargo trucks of PEUGEOT, CITROEN, FIAT, RENAULT, OPEL, FORD, MERCEDES, VOLKSWAGEN, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU, IVECO, NISSAN, MAN, DAF, SCANIA, etc.


The company’s activities includes the following main directions:

  • Vehicles for transporting people – city and tourist buses for short and medium distances, school buses;
  • Vehicles for transporting goods/ cargo – aluminum containers, atmospheric insulated containers, onboard aluminum superstructures, superstructures with PVC sheet, glazed cargo vans with extended passenger sector, dumpers, trailers, plywood containers, etc.;
  • Insulated vehicles – light and cargo thermo-insulated vehicles, thermo-insulated containers, containers for ice-cream;
  • Specific vehicles – ambulances, vehicles for people with limited mobility, sanitary fiberglass sealing lining, caravans, snow-cleaning equipment;
  • Suspensions – air suspensions for light and light commercial vehicles,  sports spring and hard suspension;
  • Additional equipment for vehicles – sleeping cabins, spoilers, air conditioners, cargo locking systems, refrigeration units, compressors, hydraulic cranes, falling hydraulic boards, aluminum ramps, light signaling, etc.
  • Powder coating of parts with dimensions L3000/6000, H2100, W1200/600;
  • Abcant, guillotine, profile bending, tube bending machines;

TRANSFORMA has its own production center located on an area of 4100 m2. The sector for assemblage is designed to manufacture, equip and service specialized vehicles, hydraulic platforms, refrigeration units and air conditioners.


Спойлерите и Спалните кабини PONY FANTASY са изключително полулярни в цяла Европа. Лесно разпознаваеми с перфектната си визия, безупречна фунционалност и профил плътно интегриран към автомобила и надстройката. Монтирани върху кабината на водача, в комбинация

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