For all customers who require insulated vehicles TRANSFORMA offers original sets of anatomical thermal insulation panels designed specifically for vans and fourgonsTRANSFORMA imports cooling units Autoclima and Alex Original. We also provide installation of cooling units Carrier and Thermo King.

For customers who need insulated vehicles with higher volume and capacity TRANSFORMA offers insulated containers equipped with different types of cooling units.

The produced insulated vehicles cover all sanitary norms and guarantee the maintenance of temperature regime depending on the requirements – “Class A” for positive temperatures reaching up to +0 ° С and “Class C” for negative temperatures going down to -18 ° С.

Insulated vehicles and containers cover all health requirements. During the production process we use advanced composite certified antibacterial materials suitable for the transportation of food products, goods requiring a special temperature regime, medicines, and medical products.

The products are characterized by excellent aesthetic appearance, high reliability and maintainability.