The high-volume insulated containers “Class A” reaching up to 0 ° C and “Class C”  reaching down to -20 ° C are particularly suited to the needs of professional specialized transport. The production technology allows the creation of containers with dimensions specific to the base vehicle and set according to the customer’s requirements. All containers are supplied with a cooling unit – compliant with the internal volume and temperature regime.

Base vehicle – chassis cabin.

термоизолиран контейнет

Temperature mode – by customer’s assignment.

Dimensions of the container – by customer’s assignment.


  • attachment frame;
  • insulation panels;
  • self-adhesive wear-resistant floor;
  • cooling unit;
  • automatic temperature control;
  • under-run bars;
  • folding ladder;


  • additional heating system;
  • spoiler;
  • sleeping cabin;
  • side door;
  • toolbox;
  • hydraulic platform;
  • internal racks by customer’s assignment;