We are pleased to inform you that on our production center installed andoperating POWDER PAINTING. The automated system is made up of modern chamber deposition of polymer powder coatings on metal surfaces and two cameras for drying and firing of coatings. 

Dimensions of the cameras, which determine the maximum amount of detail are:

Camera 1 – length 6000 mm, width 600 mm, height 2000 mm;
Camera 2 – length 3000 mm, width 1100 mm, height 2000 mm; 

Polymer coatings we use allow us to achieve high-quality coverage, different brilliance, colors and structural effects on the surfaces: from one color lacquer, matt, sand, etc., to two-color type wrought metal, antiquesilver, gold, copper, etc.

Powder coating method is preferred and is widely used for painting various items of household and industrial use. It provides high quality coating with outstanding durability and resistance to weathering and UV rays.