These types of containers provide additional options for the transportation of heavy goods, as well as the ways to strengthen them, and generally ensure a higher degree of reliability when transporting different types of cargo.

Base vehicles – all single and double chassis cabins.


The dimensions of the superstructure are compliant with the base vehicle, the needs of the customer, and technical capabilities set by the vehicle manufacturer.

TRANSFORMA carries out the entire process of individual approval of the vehicles by the Ministry of Transport.


  • aluminum or steel attachment frame;
  • plywood panels of different thickness;
  • external fiberglass cladding;
  • rings in the floor to strengthen the loads;
  • under-run bars and mudguards;
  • folding ladder;


  • enhanced pneumatic and spring suspension;
  • protective spoiler;
  • sleeping cabin;
  • side door – single and double;
  • tool boxes;
  • hydraulic platform;
  • equipment for transportation of clothes –  stands and panels;
  • internal shelves according to customer’s requirements;
  • front air conditioning for the driver;