TRANSFORMA is an official representative of DRIVE RITE – manufacturer of air suspension systems for light commercial and cargo vehicles.

With the installation of the air suspension, the clearance of the vehicle is controlled depending on the load. The suspension is used to improve both the road behavior of the vehicles as well as to increase their nominal load capacity, or to increase the load capacity by changing the total permissible road weight.
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The air suspension is used on vehicles for the transport of people and trucks for the transport of goods from the groups:

The main advantages of the reinforced air suspension:

  • maintaining (or increasing) the clearance of the vehicle;
  • the stability of the vehicle is kept both when empty and loaded;
  • the vehicle does not swing sideways due to the high center of gravity;
  • does not increase fuel consumption due to maintaining the front resistance;
  • the load capacity is nominally increased while keeping the axle load;