TRANSFORMA  is an official representative for Bulgaria of Car Fibergrass. The coversion is a sanitary lining made of anatomical fiberglass modules for light commercial vehicles and vans. The system is available for Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault, Opel, Ford, Iveco, Dacia, Piaggio.

car fiberglass

санитарни облицовки

The anatomically-fitting fiberglass panels completely cover all walls, doors, ceilings, and floors – fully following the shape of the vehicle – a complete and overall lining on each surface, leaving behind a completely finished look.

There are no holes, unevenness, joints and uncovered parts, i.e. the possibility of contamination while transporting any kind of cargo is reduced to a minimum.


Due to the high quality materials used in the manufacture of anatomical panels, the new conversion is applicable to the transport of all types of goods that do not require a temperature regime:

  • food products – according to EU DECREE 852/2004;
  • medicines and materials from and for medicine – according to EU 94/C63/03;
  • bread and bakery products, by installing a two-way anti-damp fan;
  • fruits, vegetables, other fresh products, and flowers;
  • detergents, paints, varnishes, and other aggressive chemicals;
  • other materials requiring similar transport conditions;


  • low weight of the conversion;
  • preserve the whole useful load capacity of the vehicle;
  • preserve the entire internal volume in the cargo area;
  • excellent water resistance and easy hygiene without cleaning agents;