TRANSFORMA manufactures ambulances according to the European Standard for medical vehicles and their facilities EU 1789: 2007 + A2: 2014. The vehicles are equipped according to the requirements for the specific type:

  • CLASS A – Ambulance to transport patients
  • CLASS B – Ambulance for Emergency Medical Care
  • CLASS C – Mobile Intensive Care Unit

линейка ЕС 1789

Equipment for the sanitary area:

  • Anatomical internal lining of antibacterial fiberglass;
  • Light * and multifunctional sound signaling;
  • Internal autonomous electrical installation;
  • Equipment for breathing;
  • Air conditioning and heating;
  • Multifunctional seats;
  • Communication equipment;
  • Automatic step at the side door;

Specialized equipment:

  • Main self-supporting multipurpose stretcher with mattress and safety belts;
  • Additional stretcher for manual transport;
  • Mobile chair for patients in a sitting position;

Additional specialized medical equipment (on request):

  • Life-support equipment;
  • Diagnostic equipment;
  • First aid equipment;
  • Equipment for immobilization;
  • Infusion materials;
  • Rescue and safety equipment, medicines;


  • Air-softened suspension;
  • Mechanical base for stretcher;
  • Electro-mechanical table with the possibility to change the position sideways and upwards;
  • Anatomic spoilers for LED light signaling to provide 360 ° visibility;

* The photos are just illustrative. The options shown are on ambulances with LED light signaling based on anatomic spoilers which provide 360 ° visibility. When requested basic light signaling can be mounted directly on the roof of the vehicle!

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